Our Policies and Publications

Respond Support has a variety of policies across the organisation which governs how we deliver our services.

These policies are available below.

Respond Support 2017 Annual Report

“The year 2017 has been a breakthrough year for Respond Support with the development and rapid expansion of our first services outside of our traditional base.”

Albert Perris, CEO


To view the full Respond Support 2017 Annual Report, please click here.




Respond Support 2016 Annual Report

Respond Support 2016 Annual Report

“Throughout the year, our focus has rightly remained on service delivery and development. The opening of a new Afterschool in Athy and the opening of the Hub Café have been particular highlights.”

Albert Perris, CEO

To view the full Respond Support 2016 Annual Report, please click here.


Child Protection Policy

Respond Support is committed to promoting the highest standards of child protection in line with ‘Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children’ (2011). To achieve this, we have recently developed our child protection policy ‘Making our Communities Safe for Children’. This policy is now being implemented within the organisation and being promoted on all of our family estates.
To download the Child Protection policy, please click here:

Data Protection Policy

Data is essential to the effective delivery of  Respond Support services. Respond Support hold data for a variety of purposes, which largely relates to the provision of care and support services and in the context of the administration of the Company.  Data protection is about creating a framework for the lawful processing and protection of personal data.  It is the means by which an individual’s fundamental right to privacy is safeguarded.

You can read the Respond Support Data Protection policy here. To undertake subject access request under the Data Protection Acts please download this form by clicking here.

Community Development Strategy

Our Community Development Strategy aims to support integrated local economic and social development through programmes that counter disadvantage while promoting the inclusion and participation of people and communities. The nature of the Community Development Strategy is progressive, moving communities from one stage of development to the next through the use of programmed events, education and applied community resources.

Read more about our Community Development Strategy here:

Respond Support Complaints Policy

Respond Support views complaints as an important opportunity for us to learn from your experience, to reflect on our practice and to continuously improve our services.

To download the policy, please click here: Complaints Policy 2018