Family Support

Mothers and children attending family support services

Respond Support has been a key provider of Family Support in numerous communities across Ireland. We recognise the importance of the family, in its many guises, and its unique contribution to Irish society.

Our rationale for the delivery of Family Supports lies in the belief that family relationships are acknowledged to have deep and lasting effects on the well-being of individuals and, therefore, society. The Commission on the Family in 1996: said ‘The experience of family living is the single greatest influence on an individual’s life and the family unit is a fundamental building block for society’.

Family support services include:-

  • Providing information, advice and support to families
  • Providing family support programmes for parent and child
  • Providing education courses and training opportunities
  • Providing childcare and other child centered services

We are flexible in the provision of services, which is essential if our service provision is ‘needs led’. That need is determined by the individual / family and the expressed need determines the nature of the service and extent of the service provided.

The service we provide takes cognisance of the family’s ability and strength to address their own needs. A needs based response ensures that it is the family’s needs, and not our own, that’s being catered for. That being the case, the geographical spread and available resources necessitates us providing targeted support to those areas perceived as being in most need.

Image of children enjoying a doodle den session
Doodle Den

Our highly skilled and dedicated staff team aim to provide evidence based Family Support activities which include:

  • Parents Plus programmes
  • Doodle Den
  • Buddy Bench
  • Provision of Parent & Toddler groups
  • A variety of Parenting Programmes
  • Family Learning
  • One to One support for individuals and families
  • Low cost counselling service

All of our programmes encourage positive mental health, decrease feelings of isolation, encourage friendships, support the quality of relationships that parents have with their children. Parents and children learn and develop new skills which help to improve the overall well-being of the family.

Our Family Support staff work closely with our Early Education provision to provide a holistic approach to family Support.