End of an Era for Respond! College

Following a recent strategic review and period of deliberation and reflection on our role in the Accredited Education sector, on current and future needs, the development in recent years of other providers and partnerships responding to professional housing training needs, and the sustainability of a small specialist college, a decision has been taken to close Respond! College, after the current cohort of students have completed their studies. 

Respond College was established to provide specialist accredited training to the housing and community sector in Ireland and was one of the first accredited institutions to provide accredited professional housing training in Ireland.  In recent years a number of important providers have expanded their offering and delivery in this area including the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), and the Housing Agency.

During the operation of the College, a large number of student cohorts engaged in a wide variety of specialist training courses such as Housing and Estate Management, Community Development, Community Healthcare and many other Community related courses.

Respond College played an important, timely and innovative role in the development and introduction of professional training to housing professionals in Ireland.  Respond College has been a key advocate and outlier in the professionalization of the housing sector in Ireland over the past decade and has contributed significantly to the professional development of housing staff, community development professionals, housing associations and housing bodies. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners, staff and students who have worked with Respond! College over the years, and in particular to wish the current class of 2017 well in their final Year.


Albert Perris

CEO, Respond Support