Day Care Centres

Respond Support is actively engaged with the relevant external agencies working with older people as loneliness is a multifaceted issue and effective responses should be delivered from an inter-agency approach. This is an ongoing process for  Respond Support and the organisation is firmly committed to developing quality programmes and initiatives with the aim of preventing loneliness and social isolation.

There is growing recognition that loneliness and social isolation are both serious problems, with far reaching implications, not just for individuals, but also for wider communities. Whilst in the past, loneliness was sometimes viewed as a trivial matter; it is increasingly understood to be a serious condition which can affect a person’s mental and physical health detrimentally. In areas of high dependency Respond Support is operating a number of Day Care Centres providing personal hygiene and health monitoring, education and multidisciplinary support whilst encouraging social interaction and activities in a safe, friendly caring environment.

Three of our Day Care Centres are: